Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Make Giant Hawaiian Paper Flowers

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Lately my home studio has been overflowing with new flower designs. 
I think my inspirations come in waves!

Last week  I created and filmed two videos on building these Hawaiian style flowers. 

So for this weeks tutorial I'm going to 
give you a quick run down in case you didn't catch it on our Youtube channel! 
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Hawaiian Style Flower Tutorial 

 There are 2 styles of templates I will be using here. 
One is a single layer flower, Hawaiian style, and the 
other is our Alana style template which is used 
to create the layered look. 


1. Unlike my other flower tutorials, for 
this flower no slit will be cut in the bottom. Instead we will 
be rolling the flower at the bottom. 

Think like you want to form a cone. 

2. This is optional but creates a nice look. 
Cut smaller sizes of the Hawaiian templates in a 
different color and lay the 
smaller one inside the other. 

3. Start building the flowers by gluing the 
inner side to the inner side of another petal. 

Keep going will you have used all the petals

4. Close the flower

5. Glue a circle over the back

6. Glue your medallion over the front side. 

7. Add in your jewel center if desired. 

Keep reading below if you want to 
achieve the layered design!

Alana Style Flower

Alright now if you want the layered look then 
stop at step 5 above and pick up here:

I use my Alana style templates when creating 
the layer styled flower. Alana is only slightly
 different in shape but comes with 2 more petal sizes. 

It's pretty simple from here...
You will need to add in your second 
layer of petals by gluing the tip of the cone 
down to the center of the first layer. 

Do this till you have 4 layers complete.

I ended up with 6 petals in layers 2-3 and 
5 petals in layer 4. 

Glue a circle over the center

Add in a pom pom or jewel center. or 
combine both by wrapping the pom pom
 around the jewel ball. 

Watch this video on the Alana flower.

Both the Hawaiian and Alana templates make a 21 inch flower diameter! 
 How would you use these to decorate a party or room?
Share your ideas below in the comments!

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