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I'm so excited to announce that I am opening a digital Giant Flower Library! 
Recently, I released my first self published ebook, 'The Art of Giant Paper Flowers.'
The book comes with 16 giant flower templates plus leaf and center design, making for a 18 template combo when you buy the ebook!

This 230 page ebook is packed with helpful 'how to's' and many DIY giant flower tutorials; from giant roses, to exclusive designs, by yours truly,  plus how to build a backdrop, stem a giant flower, and so much more!

Even with this oversize ebook I still wanted to find a way to incorporate all my other templates together. 

And that's where the Giant Flower Library comes in!
If you are reading this and have already purchased the book then thank you so much! 
I truly hope you have enjoyed the book. I poured my heart and soul into it just for you! :) 

For those of you who have purchased the book you will be able to find all the templates already included in the ebook as well as 27 additional templates when you upgrade to the library. 

     Whether you are upgrading to the library or purchasing the full library alone you will be gaining lifetime access to all 42 current giant flower template designs, leaf and center templates plus helpful videos, FAQs, other tips and tutorials. 

If you are not interested in the ebook but would like to purchase the Giant Flower Library, no worries, I am preparing two options that will work for either preference!

What exactly is included? 

First let's go over all the templates that will be included in the Giant Flower Library. 

The first 16 templates are the designs included in the ebook. The last 27 are ones that are in addition to the ebook.

Even if you do not own the ebook you will still be gaining access to all 42 templates below. 

-Update: I have had a large amount of requests for the book to go to print. I am doing my best to work on finding an affordable printer to try and make that happen

Templates you already have access to in the ebook include:

1. Arielle Style

2. Everly Style

3. Priscilla Style

4. Bella Rose

5. Eden Rose

6. Majesty Rose

7. Sybelle Rose

8. Regina Rose

9. Small Regina Rose

10.Rosie Rose

11. Alana style

12. Charlotte style

13. Chrysanthemum 

14. Giant Dahlia

15. Giant Peony 

16. Giselle style

17. Rosette centers

18. Basic Leaf

The following templates come in addition to the ones above. (This would be the upgrade for those of you who purchased the book) 

19. Giant Anemone 

20. Athena Peony 

21. Aurora Style 

22. Ava Style 

23. Clara Style 

24. Elsie Style 

25. Emery Style

26. Grace Style

27. Jasmine Style

28. Juliette Style

29. Lucy Style

Image coming soon. 

30. Giant Poinsettia 

31. Giant Poppy 

32. Sarah Style

33. Sophia Style
Image coming soon. 

34. Sunflower Style

35. Valerie Style

36. Hanging Wisteria

37. Small Scarlet Rose

38. Long Fern Vine

39. Leafy Vines

40. Rosette Center

41. Rose Leaf

42. Whimsical Vine

Are you ready to buy lifetime access to your giant flower library?! 
(Price to be determined.) 

It will be opened by the end of May! Be sure to subscribe to the blog to receive updates!

In the meantime take a look at our FAQs  to start shopping your supplies! 


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