Thursday, March 23, 2017

Freebie Friday- Welcome Springtime with Calla Lilies

         DIY Paper Calla Lilies

Paper flower calla lilies with templates and tutorial. DIY paper flowers by

     The first day of Spring was last week so I though it would be fitting to give you all a calla lily template freebie! 

     These flowers are very simple to make and easy to hand cut if you don't have a cutting machine. 

Calla lily templates

     Click below to download the templates and watch the full how to video!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Center Variations- DIY Giant Paper Flowers

Giant Paper Flower Center Variations

How to make giant paper flower centers. DIY giant paper flowers.

     I am writing on giant flower center variations today because I constantly have requests on how to make different options! 

     I will be showing you my top 5 favorites. There is a hidden freebie in one for you as well! 

     There are many more options then just what is shown here and I will be sharing more of those designs with you in my book release "The Art of Giant Paper Flowers" next month!

1. Pompom center

Giant paper flower with pompom center

Pompom centers are a great basic way to finish off the center of the flower.

Step 1:
Using an 8.5x11 sheet of card stock fold vertically down the center. And cut the paper in half.
Precede to fold each of these 2 pieces in half again before moving on to step 2.

Step 2:
Using regular or fringe scissors cut slits all the way down each folded piece.
Pro tip
Or cut at a diagonal angle to establish a slightly different look.

Step 3:
Once you have cut the whole way down, open the piece up and fold it the opposite way inside out. This will help with keeping a fluffier looking pompom.
Glue together the non fringed sides.

Step 4:
Begin rolling your first piece up just like rolling a cinnamon roll! Add on the second piece and finish rolling so that both pieces have been rolled to form one pompom.
Whenever you want to make a larger pompom just keep adding and rolling more fringed pieces. The sky in the limit with the size of your pompom!

DIY giant paper flower templates

2. Word Centers

Cute giant paper flower backdrop ideas

Step 1:
To create the center you will need to make a basic pompom like we just learned.
The only exception with this pompom is you want to leave a little hallow hole. 

Step 2:
You will need to flatten the pompom down a lot. The fringed pieces standing up need to be fold outward and down.

Step 3:
Gluing in the flattened pompom like this now gives you a base for which to glue the monogram or shape of your choosing to the center of the flower.

3. Jewel Centers

DIY jewel centers for giant paper flowers

These no doubt take some patience to create but they are really very simple to design.
· Small 1-2 inch foam ball cut in half. (Please be careful when cutting or try to find small half foam balls already cut. I use a small saw.)
· Sticky back rhinestones or pearl embellishments. String ribbon pearls or rhinestone ribbons work great as well.
· Glue gun

Finding pearl or rhinestone embellishments is very easy when shopping at most crafts and even a variety of places online.

 Step 1:
Start by gluing one larger pearl or rhinestone in the
center. Then add a circle of smaller ones around.

Step 2:
Using string pearl or rhinestone ribbon wrap the rest of the half foam ball. You can also continue by gluing more jewels or pearls around if you aren’t using the string like I am here.

Step 3:
Keep going till the whole foam ball is covered.

Rhinestones are a great option as well in addition to the pearl center I just taught you. 

4. Rosette Centers

Rosette paper flowers with template.

Rosettes are so easy peezy and almost impossible to get wrong!
The great part about rosettes is that they are all made the same way. 
Grab your rosette freebie here
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Step 1:
Using a thin wood dowel or your  fingers, start at the outer most end and begin rolling tightly inward. 

Step 2:
After you get two or three rolls in add a bit of glue to ensure the center of the rosette remains tight.

Step 3:
Continue rolling until you reach the end. Keep it nice and tight as you roll to the end.

Step 4:
Once you have rolled the entire rosette you are going to want to let the bud loosen a bit before gluing down.
 Keep you fingers on the rosette but allow the flower to  unroll natural just a bit.
Glue the rosette to the base to hold it’s position. This technique works with any style of rosettes.

5. Small Mum Flower Center

DIY giant paper flower. Giselle style with mum center

The mum flower center is a unique easy option. Typically I use it will my Giselle flower design.

Step 1: Using a thin wood dowel or any other similar shaped item for rolling. Curl all your edge of the mum petals inward.

Step 2: To get the mum petals to stand up more, use your molding mat and rolling tool to roll the centers of each mum petal.

Step 3:
Start layering the petals. Each petal should be curled just a bit tighter then the one before.

Step 4:
Keep going so that 4 of the 6 mum cuts have been curled and stacked as shown.

Step 5: After layering 4 of the 6 mum petals together, layer the last 2 separately so you can get a good deep curl. Use you fingers to push the mum petals so the bud is practically closed. Then add in the last stacked petals into the center and glue the whole mum flower into the Giselle giant flower.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 giant flower center variation options! 

Don't forget to download your rosette freebie above! 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

You know it's all about that leaf- Freebie Friday

How to make realistic paper vines and leaves. DIY paper flowers. Paper crafts. Free SVG cut files.

DIY paper vines and leaves. Free svg cutting files

     Vines and leaves can really just make your paper flowers really pop, whether small or large. 
     I have designed 4 new vines this past month and have loved the look they have given along side my flowers.
     If you read our 'freebie dahlia post' you saw them for the first time and may also remember I promised a freebie to you all!

Learn how to make these vein ridges in part 2 of the leaf video below

     I also created a video tutorial on how to draw veins on your vines and leafs for a more natural realistic look. 

Check the video out here and grab your freebie below!

How to make paper vines and leaves. Free svg vine cut files

Long fern vine svg cutting files. Free svg files. DIY paper flowers

     I know most of you are probably hoping your freebie is the long leafy vine right above. Well, you'd be right! 

Download your freebie here
(please do not open on a phone. Compressed zips need computer extractors to open. Follow the on screen prompts) 
Love the other leaf templates? Find them here.

Freebies are for personal use only unless you are one of our licensed sellers.

DIY paper flowers. Paper flower template. Printable flower template

In love with Miss Bella style rose above? Template can be found here for download. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

DIY Giant Dahlia Paper Flowers- How to make a flower wall.

Easy Giant Paper Dahlias
+ Printable Template!

How to make giant paper dahlias. Paper flower templates.

     I have a special treat for you all! I know many of my followers read my content to be on the lookout for freebies and any new flower designs I create for the shop. 
     I decided to create a dahlia for my 'Giant Paper Flower Book' that will be coming out soon, and also decided to post this item in the shops. 
    But today, you get a full step by step tutorial, full video (below) plus FREE printable PDF templates to make these lovely dahlias for yourself!

Click here for your printable PDF. 
Make sure to open on a computer not a phone please. 

I also had fun creating several new sets of vines and those can be found here in set 1 and the long vine here. (Freebie for 1 of the vines will be coming later!) 

The giant dahlia is made from 2 basic geometric shapes a large 8 inch circle for the base plus several 4.5 inch and 4 inch squares rolled into a cones shape.
Step 1:
Start with cutting out 40—4.5 inch squares and 15—4 inch squares.
It’s important to note that the final count of  squares used will vary for everyone,  but the above count is a good starting place.

Step 2:
To form the cone hold the square with one corner up and overlap the bottom securing with your hot glue.

A 8 inch circle template is included in this book for the giant dahlia.
If you wanted a variety of sizes changing the circle size will easily increase or decrease the size. If you wanted a flower large then this I suggest cutting a 9-10 inch circle. Of course more squares will then be needed to fill the dahlia

Step 3:
Beginning with your larger cones made from the 4.5 inch square. Glue the tips to the inner edge of the circle all the way around. Make sure to leave about a 1/2 inch of space between the first layer of cones.

Step 4:
Next, continue adding cones in the spaces between the first layer of cones we put down.

Step 5:
You should be on top your 4 inch cones now. Continue the pattern and keep filling in more of the dahlia petals.

Step 6:
Once you get down to the last half dozen or so of cones, they will natural bend at the tip when you glue them in. This is what you want so that the final look is a tight dahlia center.
You may need to grab your dowel or rolling tool to press the tip down and make sure it makes good contact in the center for the final couple cones.

Watch full video!

Pin for later! 

Giant paper dahlia flowers-How to

How to make giant paper flower dahlias. Flower Templates. DIY Paper Flowers. How to make a flower wall.