Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Custom Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt Dough Ornaments

Custom salt dough ornaments.
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    Creating projects and ornaments from salt dough has been around for  quite a while. The timeless nature of this craft translates into many different seasons and gift ideas!

    Today I have a guest on my blog who creates beautiful hand painted salt dough ornaments. 
    I also have a fun tutorial I found for a kids project on salt dough that can be made just for fun at the end of this post. 

    But first, say hello to the lovely artist who has been making these darling ornaments for 2 decades! 

    Hello! I'm Kathy, slightly obsessed, dreamer and creator of salt dough ornaments at Cookie Dough Creations.   

    The very first dough treasure was offered for sale in 1997 and I have been living and breathing salt dough ornaments ever since!

   Our two shops specialize in gift Angels, baptism, wedding and shower favors but also feature a variety of Christmas, whimsical animals and dough ornaments for every season and holiday.  
   Each and every ornament is completely handcrafted by me, from the mixing bowl of flour, salt and assorted pantry staples to drying racks and the paint table.  

As I sit here in our beautiful workshop just steps from the backdoor of our home in lovely Union Bridge I am surrounded by thousands of dough ornaments in various stages of completion.  
    On one hand it's a well run home based business, on the other, chaos. At any one point in time there are hundreds of completed designs that I've sold for years, finished, stocked and listed online, then add almost that many more designs that are only ideas swirling around in my head.  

Some are partially started, scattered on tables and even more are just ideas jotted down on bits of paper that I'm constantly trying to bring to life.  

    There are never enough hours in each day but I am one lucky girl, the master of my very own domain .. living a dream. 

    Kathy, you work is simply beautiful! I always love art that comes straight from the heart like this. 
    And I can definitely empathize with the feeling of never having enough time in a day to create all those new ideas that pop into your head!

Remember to pin an image to come back to when you need that special custom gift next time!

And show her some love on Pinterest!

I also wanted to include a little side DIY here for your kiddos. Salt dough can be a fun pass time and way to create cute memories with your little's. 

Here is a post I feel in love with... how to make salt dough beads by One Perfect Day Blog

Salt dough jewelry- DIY Salt doe projects

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Free Deer Floral Antler SVG - Freebie Friday

Freebie Friday. Deer Antler and Flower SVG cut files

Free svg cut files. Floral deer antlers & circle monogram letters.

Floral rose deer antler svg cut files. Free svg files.
    I know it's been a while since you all have had a freebie! I'm here to make it up to you today with a double treat! 
    The rose and floral antler svg above has been my #1 selling svg for the last 30 days. I guess people really like my design! 

So I thought my readers would enjoy this file for free! 

    But since I've been such a slacker lately because my schedule has been overflowing, I am going to give you my circle monogram letter designs for free too!! 

Free circle monogram letters. SVG circle monogram letters.

One of my customers was kind enough to submit an image of the svg file use as a heat transfer vinyl. Look how pretty?! 
Find the files below. 

If you like the scrolling monogram better you can find those here.

And here are just a few recent shots I've been taking for my book. I love to cut the antlers in gold and make them apart of my flat lays. :) 

Shown here carnations and magnolias

And because nothing makes me happier then to see my customers photos here are a few more the of the various SVG offered in the shop!

customer image

customer image

customer image

Please note: You may use this for small business use. Since you are receiving the file for here please reference my blog or shop. If you wish to not reference my blog/shop please purchase the listing at it's normal price here

Download your free floral antlers here

Download  your circle monogram letters here. 

Please do not share or resell the files themselves as your own. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Warm up to Spring with these tablescape ideas

Spring tablescape ideas

Fresh 2017 Spring tablescape ideas. Home and event decor ideas. MamasGoneCrafty.com

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Spring is coming up fast! 

     Here in Florida the days are already back in the upper 80's. Can't say I'm totally thrilled since we only had about a week of cool days combined over the last 2-3 months. 

And by cool days I mean highs in the low 70's! 

   I was inspired by Arhaus.com to write a blog post on decorative tablescape ideas for Springtime. 

    I hope you enjoy the styled pictures in this post and it gives you fresh inspirations! 

    I decided to put together a few dining table and floral arrangement ideas using several spare collections of paper flowers laying around. 
Paper peonies, dahlias and carnation were the stars of the show. 

I started out with what I had on hand, then it kinda turned into a rustic springy vibe. ;) 

    If you are loving the angel cheek and tulip peonies, they have not been released yet, but they will make their debut the first couple weeks of March! Be sure to follow our Youtube so you don't miss the video. 

    Creating tablescapes do not have to be expensive. I made most the flowers as you know, and caught a lot of clearance and sales at Michael's craft store. 

    Even if you don't like to make paper flowers you can still grab some lovely silk flowers or splurge on some real ones. 

    The chargers, vases, gold branches and candle holders all came from Michael's. 

     If you happen to live somewhere with no Michael's craft store available to you, then checkout my favorite online source for buying home styling and event decor! 

Carnation paper flower

     I fell in love with this sweet little bunny. I guess you could say I went for a spring wonderland theme. 

     The paper flowers can be used for more then vases. I love to cut out small cards and turn them into place settings. 
    I'm going to share those escort card templates with you soon and show you how to make them!

Spring living home decor ideas. MamasGoneCrafty.com

    After I styled my dining room I add to had some touches to my living area. When decorating you always want to aim for a great focal point, like a wreathe or maybe a mirror. 

   Then I used more candles and a lantern with LED twinkle lights to finish the look!

     I threw in the photo above because I kinda have a new obsession with gold antlers. I actually am in love with most forest animals.

I will be giving you a cut file freebie with the antlers soon!

I found another cute bunny when I was out shopping at Big Lots. Naturally I had to take a few pictures. ;) 

    If you enjoyed these ideas please share or leave a comment below with your thoughts on your spring decor!

And you can always find my flower designs for download here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

5 home decor ideas that will change how you organize your small space

5 ways to decorate small spaces

5 home decor ideas that will change how you organize your small space

Today I have a treat for my readers and myself! 
I have been so busy trying to keep up with my book, and also had some personal family situations I have needed to be present for, that I'll admit i a having a hard time squeezing in blogging. And I miss it very much!
Anyhow, today I have a guest post for you to enjoy that will help you get organized. Spring cleaning is just around the corner!

Small spaces can be a test to decorate. When working with a little room, it's about picking multi-functional pieces with shrouded stockpiling and keeping it light and brilliant. 

You'll be astounded by how much style and capacity you can pack in by focusing on the sort and size of furniture, considering the way shading can affect a room, and consolidating a lot of storage. 
But do not forget about the stylistic layout of a room in order to maintain functionality. You might be short on space, but that doesn't mean it must be short on style.

1.  Creating Focal Point: 

Each room needs a point of convergence, an eye-catching spot that builds up a pecking order so the room does not clutter. Commonly, the point of convergence is the bed, which you can excite a room with an arrangement of cushions, some nice sheets and fawn colored comforters.

In a little space, your eye may likewise be pulled to the window. As opposed to giving these two focal points a chance to vie for consideration, put the bed before the window to prevent the eyes for overwhelming.

2. Adding Mirrors:

Mirrors pull off their extending demonstration by reflecting different parts of a room and bobbing light all around. A tall mirror adds dimensions to space and makes a confined room seem much bigger.

 It can expand your light source and make a radiant hallucination. You can likewise go for reflected tiles and floated outlines for a more advanced approach.

3. Clearing Floor:

It's just normal to aggregate disarray in little spaces, and the more stockpiling arrangements you can discover, the clearer and more settled your rooms will feel. 

Attempt a technique, once or twice per year, endeavor to experience your belonging and reevaluate what ought to be kept. You'll be astounded by the number of unimportant things and how much clearer your home looks once you've wrapped up.

Introduce small 3D Square or rectangular rack units for open stockpiling. Pick furniture pieces that have shrouded capacity, for example, ottoman with drawers. 

Utilize a chest as a bedside table to pick up drawer space. Capitalize on your storage room with a coordinator framework.

4. Utilizing Nooks:

When managing a little room, don't release any additional space unused. Racks don't have to be long spans of level space to be valuable, particularly in little spaces. Placing an L-shape cabinet in corner of a room makes space for sufficient stockpiling.

A niche between two little wardrobes can be transformed into a straightforward and proficient workstation. You can add retires over the work area to give additional space to show and store books.

5. Storing Under Stair case: 

In small space, each square inch is potential storage. Any space can be upgraded with extra and smart stockpiling arrangements. You can include a rack unit straightforwardly beneath the stairs case to fill the additional space.

This is the neglected part of a house that has lots of capacity potential in it the form of cunningly consolidated drawers.

There you have it! 5 great ideas for utilizing small spaces and creating an organized cozy space. 

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This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at http://mybedcomforter.com/