Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Enchanting Beauty & the Beast Ideas

"A Tale as Old as Time"

      Today I am sharing my Beauty and the Beast inspired photo shoot I completed a couple weeks ago.

     With the release of the new movie (which is AWESOME by the way!) it's no doubt Beauty and the Beast will be trending for a while. 

     I hope you all enjoy these photos! I have a little DIY project, the flower crown Ella is wearing, that I will be showing you next week. 
     Be sure not to miss all the links I've provided in this post to help you recreate it for yourself!

Enchanting items were collected, like a hand mirror, vintage books and candelabra

My daughter starred as Belle. And I think she loved it! 

Her dress was found at Target as part of a Beauty and the Beast line. 

Faux ivy backdrop was hung up on a PVC frame and then the flowers were hung on the ivy. 

Ella's crown was a DIY project I worked on. I will share the 'how to' with you soon!

I used my Sybelle and Eden style roses for the paper flower designs. You can even check out the Sybelle rose video to see how I sprayed the roses gold!
The set is also available for download on Etsy

The Beauty and the Beast look would not be complete without an enchanted rose! I used a nice silk rose from Hobby Lobby. 
Find these glass domes here.

To get the rose to stand up drill a small hole in the wood base of the dome the same size as the rose stem. 

Then add some glue in the hole so the rose is held in place. Make sure to have cut your rose length to size for you dome before gluing.

I had a lot of fun putting this together!
What is your favorite aspect of the Beauty and the Beast shoot? What other ideas would you use to create a party scene? Tell me in the comments!


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