Friday, September 30, 2016

September Idea Share-fest

I can't believe how quickly we are saying goodbye to September and hello to October!

Keeping with our newest tradition last month, I will be giving a quick share today on all our new products that were released this month. 
Hang with me because I want to hear from you at the end! 

Plus you can collect your weekly freebie. Read on to find out which of the below products is free to you today!

Here are a couple of our latest products released in September..

I had a request last month for some nursing svgs and I'm happy to say they have gone viral on Pinterest and are doing well in the shop! 

It always makes me happy when one of my readers suggestions turns out to be highly appreciated! 

Staying on the svg band wagon I decided to throw together a couple other fun concepts. 

Boss Lady SVG- SVG Cut Files- Pucker Red Lips - Lady Boss- Like a Boss- SVGs for Silhouette- SVGs for Cricut- Cut File - SVGs for HTV

Mermaid Svg, Mermaid Monogram Svg, Mermaid Svg Cut Files, Split Mermaid Svg, Circle Monogram Svg, Split Monogram Svg, Nautical Svg

Intertwine Vine Monogram Letters- SVG Monogram Cut Files- Monogram Alphabet Cut Files- Monogram Font for Silhouette & Cricut- DXF, EPS Files

This month I also released several new templates in our paper flower product line! 
And did a lot of Youtube videos for most of them.

DIY Giant Flowers- Paper Flower Templates & Tutorials- Flower Wall- Wedding Backdrop

Giant Hawaiian Paper Flower Templates & Tutorial- Paper Flower SVG Cutting Files- Flower Wall- Giant Flower Backdrop

Giant Paper Sunflower Template Patterns and Tutorial- SVG Cut files for Cricut & Silhouette- DIY paper flowers- Printable Flower Templates

Giant Paper Anemone Flower Templates- Flower Template Patterns and Tutorials- Paper Flowers

And of course we released our biggest set yet this month! And had 2 successful giveaways! 
I'm thinking of making the giveaway thing a monthly deal in addition to our regular freebie Fridays...what do you all think..? ;-) 

Giant Paper Flower Templates & Tutorials- Printable flower templates- SVG flower cut files

And finally in our party printables line we released some butterfly sets and will be releasing the rest of the supporting safari animal set matching the banner later this month. 

Butterfly Printable Favor Box- Party Favors- Party Favor Boxes- Baby shower favor box- Thank you Tags

Printable butterfly favor boxes

This one is your freebie! The link takes you to a google drive download!

The whole butterfly set is available here for the complete look!

I'm excited to share my daughter's butterfly party details and photos with you all in my post next week!

Now I want to hear from my readers! 

Please leave me a comment below telling me what you want to see in October. It can be anything from a particular product, freebie or tutorial. 

I have plans on my schedule for several new flower tutorials and a couple of home DIY projects you will love! 

Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

23 Great Ideas For Re-purposing Flower Vases

One of my favorite types of blog articles to read is those round up ideas. 
Today I have a guest on my blog that is sharing with us twenty three brilliant ideas for re-purposing flower vases.

Before you read these great ideas let me introduce you to the guest poster, Taylor. 

Taylor loves to garden and craft. When she is not coming up with new ideas for old things, you can find her trying out her neighborhood yoga studios.

Be sure to follow for more great ideas and inspirations on ProFlowers social sites: 


And I have to add how truly amazing these flowers look! If any of my readers are looking for a special birthday gift, or surprise go and check out ProFlowers!

Just a couple that caught my eye right off..

Deluxe Autumn Harvest Bouquet

Brightest of the Bunch

Premium All The Frills

Let's jump into the post shall we?

Did you recently receive a" beautiful bouquet

Those flowers are soon to be past their prime, but rather than putting that vase in the closet and letting it gather dust, re-purpose it! 
There are tons of ways to transform your vase. Whether you prefer to simply fill it with fun, seasonal items or have a few minutes and want to do a little DIY, there are many things you can do to make it look brand new.

It doesn't matter if your vase is tall and skinny or short and wide, ProFlowers has an idea for you!

They have an idea for organizing your bathroom, crafting a gift or adding a little festivity to your living space. 

The 23 vase ideas are organized by category in case you already have an idea in mind, but just need a little more inspiration.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Easy Nail Art Decals with your Cricut

Use your vinyl and cutting machine to create easy fun nail designs. 

I've had a Cricut machine for over 5 years and honestly never even approached the vinyl world of possibilities. 

But now that I have I am excited to be finding all these amazing out of the box crafts and ideas to use with it!

I'm certainly not the first to think of this vinyl nail concept just take a look at a few inspiring designs I found on Pinterest! 

How to cut nail decals with your Cricut Explore |

Football Ties Vinyl Nail Decals Stickers by CutecraftycreationUT on Etsy

Even use the vinyl as a means to an end to create a painted on design! How cool is that?!

Find these awesome stencils for sale here if you don't have a cutting machine!

 Alright so it's fairly easy in theory but does require some practice and patience. If you are someone who is use to doing their nails a lot this will probably come pretty easily to you. 

You can of course use a Silhouette cameo instead of a Cricut. 

Supplies you will need include vinyl of choice, nail polish color, top coat or gel coat for longer lasting nails. 

 First you will want to decide what design you want. I am doing mermaid scales on mine. (I'll be providing this goodie for download on this Friday's freebie) 

1. Cut a piece of vinyl to size and place on your cutting mat. 

2. Cut and weed your design

See related article with more details 

3. Place the design on your nail and trim off excess. 

This can be a bit tricky so you can always use it as a stencil instead and paint a different color over the vinyl and peal off for a patterned look. 

4. Now paint with a top coat or gel top coat for longer lasting. 

That's all folks! Super fun and easy 4 steps to stunning nails!

I only used a basic top coat for my nails. They lasted about 4 days before I noticed some wear. 
But they looked pretty good in general for almost a week! And it helps if you freshen the top coat before bed each night as well. 

What nail design do you love? 

I'll be giving these mermaid scale cut files away this Friday, but if you leave me comment about a certain design you would love I might just make it for you!

If you enjoyed this please share! 



Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Perfect Photo Backdrop - Christabella's 2nd Birthday

Giant butterfly paper flower backdrop

No doubt paper flowers make the perfect photo backdrop for many different events, so let me get this out...


My butterfly paper flower backdrop is finally finished! And I love how the pictures turned out!
Thank you to all my readers being patient while I work hard to make this. 
(Keep reading, you don't want to miss what I'm sharing at the bottom! Pss.. it's a giveaway!) 

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, and my photographer and friend at Kellie Jo Images finished just in time to give me the photos before my birthday ended. It really made my day!
I'm not gonna sugar coat it, this was a TON of work...

Several hundred sheets of paper 
and glue sticks
3 solid weeks of work
paper cuts
1 great smile from my Ella bean and 1 happy Mom...

I learned so much in the process, but these memories are WELL worth it!

Now this post is more then just about me being a doting Mother, I have 3 exciting pieces of news for my readers that will interest you all I hope!

1. This whole set, YES, whole set is available in my shop for download so you can create a fabulous backdrop for your events!

You will get all of the following...
  • 5 paper flower templates (2 XL, 2 L) 

Giselle, Peony, Jasmine, Majesty, & Bella style flowers
  • 4 center variations for the giant flowers

Jewel peony, mum, ruby rose, & anemone centers
  • Plus 1 vine and 1 leaf
(keep reading..giveaway...giveaway!) 

You can also view Majesty, Bella, Giselle, and Peony style flowers videos!

2. In honor of my daughter's and my birthday, I am doing 2 GIVEAWAYS of our digital templates of the entire set over the next 2 weeks! 

How do you enter? It's super easy! 

You will need to do the following 2 things:

First, share this post on your social media of choice. (share buttons at the top and bottom of this post) 

Second, leave a comment in the comment section of this post saying you have shared and want to be entered. (by entering this contest you are agreeing to our terms of use of our products) 

And that's it!


If you follow us on any or all of our social medias you will receive an additional entry!

And if you re-post and tag us on Instagram that is worth 2 additional entries!!

The first winner will be drawn at random this Friday September 16th. 

I will announce on all my social media's and reply to the winner in the comments. 
Winner must claim prize by the end of the weekend!

The second drawing will take place the following Friday. 

Alright and after all that I have a 3rd exciting announcement!

Event Decorators License- Giant Paper Flower Backdrop Templates and Tutorials- Weddings, Baby showers, Birthday Parties- OFFLINE event use

I have now created an OFF-line event decorators license available for purchase for those of you looking to use my flower designs for monetary gain. 

You CANNOT sell on Etsy and template and design methods are NEVER allowed to be resold! All right are reserved with Catching Colorflies Inc. 

Now go enter!


Friday, September 9, 2016

Boss Babe Free SVG Cut File- Freebie Friday #7

Boss Babe Free SVG Cut Files

For all you power career ladies, small business women or even you Mama bear bosses, grab this #bossbabe freebie to use, well, everywhere!
Download below.

Before you collect your freebie this week please take a moment to follow us on Pinterest and/or share this post on your favorite media platform. 

And take a moment to set a reminder, because we are going to be doing some giveaways next Friday! 

In fact I will be giving away 2 sets of my largest template combos! Including 5 giant flower templates, 4 centers, a vine and leaf! 
Preview the set I will be giving away here!

Giant Paper Flower Templates- DIY Paper Flowers- Large Flower Patterns & Tutorials- Paper Flower Wall- Flower Backdrop- Wedding backdrop

I will release details later this week on how to enter!

SVG, DXF, EPS, PNG included. Small biz commercial use with proper credit is fine. 

Want the rest of our matching #boss SVGs?

Full set of 5 in the shop for only $4.

Have a happy weekend!