Thursday, June 30, 2016

Link Parties for Newbies

List of best blog link parties. How to set up a link party for your blog.

Link party basic for newbies. Lists of link parties.

Alright so this isn't the usually crafty post, BUT I thought I'd write a short bit on the few things I've learned about link parties for newbies, mostly because I'm a newbie myself and I'm asking those same questions. 

Well I've found some answers. And I have my own special announcement! Plus if you're a fellow blogger I need your help!

 I promise I won't bore you with a long post just some practical answers and other links I've found helpful. 

1. What is a link party? 

It's really just a way of bloggers getting together to share their blog posts, make new connections, and network. 

Because of my love for link-up parties (and because I’ve ‘heard’ SO MANY bloggers asking about places to link up) I decided to put together a HUGE, comprehensive, and current list of link-up parties around the web.  There are over 200 parties on this Ultimate Link Up Party List, offering you a variety of places to link up.  On the list you’ll find the following parties – homeschool, faith, marriage, motherhood, crafts, recipes, homemaking, and lots more.:

2. How do I share my links? 

That's easy, link parties are open to everyone! You will need to read the blog owners rules for adding your link. 
Usually they request a follow and visiting others posts or grab their party button to paste in your shared post. 
Where you see the 'add your link' button, click that and copy your post's URL. DO NOT copy to your home page! Make sure it's the post you are intending to share. 

3. What if I want to set up my own link party? 

Go for it! There are a lot out there already, but if you have a solid niche or have a fresh way of presenting the party then give it a try. You will definitely need a clear purpose and a catchy name! Keep reading... you don't want to miss the end of this post!

You can easily use the service Inlinkz to set up your own party. When I was searching for info on using Inlinkz there was one question I couldn't find an answer to, and that is, does Inlinkz post to your blog automatically or do you write a post and copy a code? 

The answer is kinda both. The way it works is you schedule all your details about your link party in Inlinkz and then copy the code into whatever blog post you want it to appear in. But the code won't show anything until the link party is set to start. 

The best thing I've found to do is go way back into your blog and schedule one in an old post and see how it turns out. That way you can get a true preview of the link party set up. 

Read this article from House of Rose Blog for some more helpful advice. 

Link Parties to Grow Blog via @dollarsandroses:

So there you have it, I've covered some of the basic of basics with link parties, and there are a lot of other helpful articles on Pinterest with even more details!

Okay drum roll....

I'm sure you might have guessed where this was leading...

I'm starting my own link party! But it will have a few unique twists. 

I'll be opening my link party, 'Sunday Crafter-noons'....  Ahhh! Remember the catchy name advice? I'll be you'll remember that one!   

The first link up will start this Sunday July 3rd at 3:00 pm eastern standard time. 

What makes mine a little different and special? 

1. I don't have too many restrictions for types of posts. DIY and crafts would be the best fit but anything inspirational or a yummy recipe is welcomed too! Nothing inappropriate will be tolerated though, and I don't think I need to specify what that means. 

2. I'm looking for connections. Here is where I need my fellow bloggers and readers help. I am looking for a couple of co-hosts to eventually add into the weekly link up. 
Why? Because co-hosting can lead to bigger link parties and better growth not only for me but the co-hosts, and also for all the bloggers that link up here every week. You can contact me here

3. I will be selecting several people who link up each week to be featured in my Fab Finds weekly blog posts. By being featured on this you will receive a permanent post in my blog and not only will your post be pinned to my Creative Craft-spiration group board, but you will receive an invite to pin your pins to the group board! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fresh and Flowery DIY Jewelry

 DIY  Paper Flower Jewelry. 

DIY pink paper flower jewelry. Statement necklace. DIY accessories

If you remember my post from last week on our DIY paper flower statement necklaces, this is going to be the continuation today. 

Statement pearl DIY necklace

So of course we will need some dainty earrings and a fashion ring to match those pretty necklaces we made last week. 

Supplies you will need:

Paper flowers or silk flowers (mini rosette svg templates here) 
glue gun and sticks
ring base
earring posts and backs

If you don't have a cutting machine buy some small flower punches at your local craft store or online. 

Fiskars Flower Lever Punch, Small

Fiskars Flower Lever Punch, Small

You can buy earring making kits at most craft stores.

Or you can re-purpose some old earrings laying around in your jewelry box like I did. Recycling earring backs makes this project even more frugal! 

Roll your mini rosettes up and add a pearl or rhinestone if desired.

 See how to roll the flowers in the original paper flower statement necklace post. 

Hot melt glue your backs onto the flowers. 

All set! How easy is that?!

Now for the fashion ring. 

I used my ruby style template and shrunk it down to 1 inch cuts. 
You can find the template here and shrink it on your cutting machine software. 

Again if you don't have a machine just buy a few different pretty punches to make your ring. 

Just add some glue between the flower and the ring and your all done! 

Mine actually turned out even larger then I expected so you might want to shrink the template to 3/4 of an inch to make it less than giant on your finger. :-) 

Sorry for the left over chipped manicure. I'm so busy these days, blogging, chasing toddlers and running my shop! That was actually the first manicure I'd had in 9 months! 

DIY flower rings and earrings

What ways would you use flowers, paper or silk, to create statement jewelry? Comment below! 

easy statement jewelry

Have a project you would like to see? Leave a comment. I love hearing from my readers!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Free Butterfly SVG Cutting file for Silhouette and Cricut- Freebie Friday

Free SVG butterfly cut files. 

It's Friday, which means its time for another FREEBIE! 
I always like to welcome the weekend with a happy note. 

This weeks freebie is a butterfly SVG/DXF cut file that I designed. 

The possibilities with butterflies are endless. 
I've designed this set in 2 pieces so you can give the wings a 3D look once assembled. (Link below)

Here are a few inspiring ideas I've found with butterflies. (contains affiliated links)

My daughter would love something like this in her room. DIY Mobile - Swarming Butterfly Chandelier:

Capture a Victorian cabinet-of-curiosities vibe—minus all the hunting and gathering—with faux butterflies. #crafts #homedecorating:

Butterfly template for girls' room - print on pretty paper, cut out, and hang or tape to wall:

Click here to download your free butterfly files. You will need to download the zip to your computer and then open it in a supported program like studio, design space, or Inkscape. 

Want even more butterflies? 
Check out this large butterfly variety set

Did you miss our last post? No worries. Check it out below!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Top Favorite Giant Paper Flower Backdrops

Giant paper flower backdrops. Giant paper flower templates and tutorial 

Giant paper flower backdrop. How to make Giant paper flowers.

Now that it's been just over 6 months since I opened the template side of my shop, I'm starting to get a collection of lovely photos from my customers and their beautiful interpretations of my flowers! And I hope it sparks a fresh creative idea for you. 

So today I just wanted to share those photos that were shared with me, as well as one of my latest backdrops! Can you guess which one is new for me? (Pss..the bright and colorful one above) 
And I will also list my top selling paper flower templates.

This photo is the first one I every received! I was so excited. It's really beautifully arranged and I love how the rosettes were uses as spirals on the wall too! 

Amazing imagination behind this black white set. I love the stripped petals!

One of the main reasons I get so happy to see my customers creations is that everyone has their own style. I can always see the essence of the original flower templates with a unique personal touch to each petal. 

DIY paper flower wall wedding backdrop

Now that's a gorgeous backdrop! Looks like she went all out for something special

paper flower party decor

Whether you use these for home decor, a fancy wedding reception or even just a few accent pieces to compliment your other decor, like this photo above, paper flowers can fit in anywhere!

bridal shower decor

These are the latest batch of shared paper flower decor and I love how they are so simply beautiful and bring out the other surrounding pieces in the room not to mention their lovely smiling faces! My favorite. 

giant paper flowers

And lastly here is my newest backdrop I've been working on! I wanted something colorful for summertime and casual enough to capture a few photos of myself. 

This is the first time I've photographed myself with my paper flowers. Thank God for the timer setting!

giant paper flowers for event decor

But I have to say there is one downside to paper flower making. Now that I just sell the templates, I have to eventually empty my studio space. The idea of throwing them away is so sad! I'm always searching for a good home to send my flowers on to. 

how to make giant paper flowers

I enjoy seeing each and everyone's creations come to life. If you have created some paper flowers using my templates, or even your own versions, I would love to see and share them! 

How would you choose to use your paper flower backdrop? 
Check out these top sellers:

Monday, June 20, 2016

DIY Paper Flower Statement Necklace

Paper Flower Rosettes. DIY Pearl Statement Necklace. 

You know, everyday I wake up and think today is the day I'm going to run out of ideas for my paper flowers, but everyday the creativity grows and more fresh ideas spark!

This weeks fresh and flowery craft is this DIY paper flower statement necklaces. 

I've been meaning to get around to this craft for a while so I'm super excited to share how they turned out. 

Let's go over the supplies I use to make these pretty necklaces. 

  • Thin ribbon in choice colors
  • Pearls (make sure to buy chunky pearls or at least some that have a descent hole for stringing) 
  • Glue gun
  • Paper flowers (make or buy some from your craft store. I will share with you a freebie template below) 
  • Card stock in choice colors if you are making the paper flowers. 
  • Modge Podge (optional) 
  • Foam paint brush 
  • Sewing needle with a wide eye
  • Felt for covering the back of the flower (optional) 
  • Scissors

I decided that using the modge podge might be a good idea to help the paper flowers have more durability, especially if you live somewhere humid like me (hello hot Florida!) 

First, you will want to cut out your flower petals and coat them in modge podge if desired. 
I used my spiral wavy rosette flowers and my ruffle rose template. 

Download the mini versions here for free to build your necklace!
I provide an SVG for cutting machines, PNG and PDF. 

Watch the video here how to make the flowers (your versions will be mini of course) 

Stella Ruffle Rose

Rolled Rosettes

Gather up your pearls or beads and thread your needle with the ribbon. 

Start threading as many as you like. 

I wanted my necklaces to have the flowers off to the side a little so I had 12 pearls on one side and 9 on the other side. 

You can even do flower clusters like this one I made with 3 rolled flowers together. 

Once you have strung all your pearls separate them where you want your paper flower to be glued. 
Add some hot glue and press the ribbon over the back. 
For a cleaner look or just to make it more comfortable you can add the felt to the backside. 

Side note: Does anybody else's work space look like a tornado blew through a craft store and rained down stuff everywhere? Mine sure does, you can't expect me to be creative and neat at the same time!

"My craft room isn't messy, I just have everything on display!":        Mess? What Mess? This is creative freedom. DUH. This is so my craft room.:

Yeah that's a good excuse!

And there you have it! A pretty paper flower statement necklace. A great craft to do with your daughter or just to accessorize yourself! 

The above necklace is the one I used the Stella ruffle rose template with a pearl and gold center. 

How else would you use paper flowers for accessories? 

I'm planning a series with this idea including hair combs, earrings, rings and more!