Monday, May 30, 2016

DIY Paper Hot Air Balloon Kid's Craft

Easy Hot Air Balloon Kid's Craft.

Welcome back to another Crafty Tuesday! 

This week I'll be sharing with you a fun ht air balloon kid's that's easy to make. 

This project is not only great for your kiddos, but perfect for easy DIY shower or party decor. 

I've always thought decorating a baby nursery with a hot air balloon theme would be cute. I think when my hubby and I get around to number 3 I just might do that. 

Alrighty then let's get to the supplies:
Glue gun or glue stick
card stock
hot air balloon templates

Pick out some fun colors and cut out your balloons. I use 6 but you can use up to 8 if you want more colors in your balloon. Fold all of them in half down the middle. 

Add glue to one side of the fold and stack the next balloon cut out on top. Continue doing this with all the pieces. 

You can watch the full length tutorial here


My kiddies seemed to enjoy the fun paper craft with Mommy. 

How would you use these to decorate? Share below!


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Friday, May 27, 2016

Paw Patrol Birthday- Party- Pup-tastic Ideas!

Children's Party Ideas- Paw Patrol Birthday Ideas and  Decorations.

It's Faaabb Finds Friday!

I'm going Pup- tacular this week with all Paw Patrol featured items! Why you might ask?

Because my little boy Wyatt Michael Paul is turning 3 June 1st!

 Let me get this out of the way early in the post... I can't believe how fast time has gone! (insert balling mother here)

In honor of my little man's birthday and his fab choice of Paw Patrol as the party theme (or as he called it specifically 'Marshall Party') I went on a search for some of the cutest Paw Patrol ideas and decorations I could find.
Annndd I'm super excited this week because I have doodled my own personal Paw Patrol photo props graphics and want to let you all download it for FREE!

Keep reading because there are more freebies in this post you don't want to miss!

Now it feels like your birthday too, doesn't it?

Okay step right up Paw Patrol party find number one..

1. Paw Patrol Iron On Transfer Shirt by RainbowPrintables

Paw Patrol Iron On Transfer Shirt -Paw Patrolr DIY Iron On Transfer -  Paw Patrol Shirt - Paw PatrolBirthday Printable-Paw Patrol Clothing
Paw Patrol Iron On Transfer Shirt -Paw Patrolr DIY Iron On Transfer -  Paw Patrol Shirt - Paw PatrolBirthday Printable-Paw Patrol Clothing
Iron Paw Patrol matching shirts?! I totally geeked out when I found these! My son's party is in a week and if I can find a few minutes I will definitely be grabbing one of these for a special birthday shirt for him!

2. Free Paw Patrol Party Printables

paw patrol badges:

Yes! More freebies! between my special paw Patrol Masks below and this site, Delicate Construction  you will be all set on your paper needs for a Paw-mazing party! Are you getting tired of the freebies or my inventive cool words yet? Nope, me neither! 

Use these for favor "doggie bags" cupcake toppers, or just print on re-positional sticker paper for goodies in the doggie bags. 

I think I'll save this in my reward stickers for my son too. Check out this post here on a great behavior chart system for toddlers. 

3. Serendipity Decorations 

This crafter work solely off of Instagram with email requests Her work is honestly stunning. There is just about any available character and she ships worldwide! 
How Paw-dorable is this pup themed name? 

4. Photo Prop Frame 

Paw Patrol Birthday Photo Booth Photo Prop Frame for by FalconArte:

Perfect for framing those puppy smiles! Rosie's Posh Parties makes these and  a lot of other fun party decor! I imagine this would make a great DIY project if you are up for it!

On the note of photo props... here comes
my personal creation and FREE Paw-tastic props!
The links are water mark free :-) 

Here are the link to all these fun puppy character props. 

Paw Patrol Party Photo Props. You will need to extract the PDFs from the zip. Just follow the prompts on the screen. 

Other supplies you will need:
♥ Glue gun & sticks
♥ Tape or laminator if you choose to enlarge at home. 
♥ Wood dowels, straws or bamboo skewers. 

And I also went back and came up with this simple Paw Patrol badge banner! Also available for download...FREE people!

 5. Paw Patrol Party Ideas by Pretty my Party

I wanted to throw in this link last because it has several amazing ideas! The cute DIY fire hydrant really caught my eye! Just check it out!


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Hope you have a Paw-fect party! That's my last one I promise..

Monday, May 23, 2016

3D Paper Flower Wall Art- Home Wall Decor

Home Decor Wall Art

home decor wall art. DIY paper flower wall art
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Happy Crafty Tuesday you all! 
This week I'm going to share with you how to make a lovely 3D framed flower wall art hanging. 

If you've been to my blog before you know well I am head over heels in love with paper crafts especially anything with paper flowers! 

This is my second week in to Crafty Tuesdays and I wanted to start teaching not only how to create paper crafts like flowers, but also share how to use the finished paper craft in your home, as a gift, or event decor. 
If you missed last Crafty Tuesday run over and check out how to DIY these Paper Hydrangeas! Go ahead I'll wait.. ;-) 

do it yourself home decor and crafts

Alright let's get to the supplies you will need for this project.

  • Wood decorative frame. I found mine at Michael's Craft store if you have that near you. If not go to your local craft store and check in the wood working section. A lot of craft stores will have something similar. Choose whatever size you desire. I picked a rather large one because I wanted to hang it on my back door. If you are giving this as a gift maybe try and pick something a little smaller. And if you can't find a wood frame at all you can use a regular one and just leave out the glass!
  • Paper or silk flowers. If you aren't into doing the leg work of making paper flowers, you can still make this project, just use silk instead! If you wish to use the paper flowers I used here are the template links... Ansley Rose, Rolled Rosettes, and Hydrangeas from last weeks tutorial. 
  • I also used a mason jar cut and word  "Joy" for the jar. You can download a PDF of the mason jar FREE right here.  If you have a cutting machine cut out whatever word you want for the jar. If you don't have a machine either write, if your talented I am definitely not, or buy some nice letter stickers to use. 
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun 
  • Ribbon of choice

If you do have a cutting machine you can always grab a mason jar silhouette shape and cut that out onto any different paper. I did an example of a metallic gold jar in the above photo. But I'm gonna stick with the blue for the tutorial. 

I picked a black and white stripped ribbon. We will use this to tie our project's look together at the end with a bow. Pun intended. ;-) 

If you printed the mason jar PDF you will see I included 2 sizes. So if you went for the bigger frame use the bigger jar. 

Go ahead now and add your wording to the inside of your jar if you like. Then glue the jar down onto the frame. 

Ideally you will build your paper flowers already or go ahead and grab our silk ones and pull them off the stems. Watch the Ansley Rose video tutorial here if you love the flowers I'm working with. 

Take time to play around with how you want the flowers to look and arrange them on the frame. You know that saying "measure twice, cut once." That's what we are doing here. Lay flowers twice, glue flowers once. 

Try to aim for your larger flowers in the center and smaller ones on the bottom and outer edges. 

If you love paper roses check out this post,  In a Bed of Paper Roses to see a variety of templates and styles of the classic rose. 

Once you are happy with how you want your flowers to lay on the frame go ahead and glue those paper pretties down. 

Once you have your flowers down fill in the greenery and if you wish tie a bow of ribbon and add it in at the top of the mason jar.

For a more realistic look I went back and add some falling petals to the sides of the frame. 

Now you're all finished! Find a spot to hang that pretty project up and give yourself a pat on the back!

A couple things I learned with this project. First you may want to use darker lettering then I did. I went with white and from a distance you can't see my word "JOY." 

Second don't be afraid to do things differently, I used the frame in it's natural wood color, but you could always spray paint it or even cover the center with a pretty patterned paper and use modge podge to seal it.!

Comment below how you would design your piece of 3D paper flower wall art!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

In a bed of Paper Roses- How to Make Easy DIY Paper Roses

How to make paper roses. Printable flower pattern templates. 

When I first started creating paper floral 6 years ago I never would have imagined being able to create so many types of flowers with what started out as a flat piece of boring paper! And further more so many types of the same flower.

Paper flowers are so much fun to make. Partly, I think because you can tweak a little here and there, curl a petal forward instead of backwards, and completely change the look!

I have designed each petal carefully along the way and so far have come up with 6 different style of just roses!

Roses are the most requested flower because, well, roses are classic! duh!

Before I tell you about all these fabulous paper roses I have to make that boring statement...

***These flower designs are my personal creations and also my bread and butter to my family, so pretty please do not under any circumstances use these for anything other then personal event decor; I know you're too awesome to do such a thing anyways right?  Thanks! 

(I do offer event planner licenses if you wish to use my templates to build flowers for events. Contact me about an event license if you are interested. Under NO condition are the templates or design methods to be resold.) 

So let's jump into a bed of paper roses... ;-)

Scarlet Style Rose

Miss Scarlet Rose here is always been at the top of my favorites list out of the 70 some flower templates I've created. This template has some amazing versatility too since the flower measures 9 inches in diameter once made. Making these perfect for filler flowers in backdrops, centerpieces or maybe even bouquets!

I'm also in love with Scarlet because the pictures turned out so perfect! I'm sure my fellow photography geeks will understand! Check out the templates. 

Ruffle Rose

Next up I have my Ruffle Rose which is an oldie, but a goodie. This is actually the first paper rose I ever made! 

Easy DIY Paper Roses- Paper Rose template and tutorial- DIY small paper flowers- Paper bouquet- Wedding Decor- SVG files- Studio 3 files

Pssss... This is the rose I use to make my paper flower pomanders! 

They aren't as hard to make as they look. I promise! 

 Check out the video to make these Pomander Kissing balls for your next event! 

Ruby Rose

Miss Ruby was my most popular requested flowers for bouquets and centerpieces I used to create for events. 

Rosie Giant Rose

Yes I really named my giant rose Rosie. I guess I've become more original then I was originally. If you followed that. :-) 

DIY Large Paper Flowers, Paper Roses,  Backdrop Paper flowers, Large Paper Roses, SVG cutting files, SVG Files, Pdf, Wedding Decor

You will want to use Rosie if you want to add some large beautiful roses to your next backdrop! This on measures about 13-14 inches in diameter. 
Of course you will want a flower buddy to go with Rosie so she isn't lonely. Hop over to view all giant templates to accompany Miss Rosie

Diana Rose

These last two roses are my latest designs. It's really crazy to see how far I've come. I wish I had an old photo of what some of my first flowers looked like. Let's just say I've done a lot of improving! ;-) 


Both these photos here are the same template! Say what? Yes you can make totally different looking flowers with the exact same templates! View Diana rose templates

             DIY Paper Rose Templates- Paper flower patterns- SVG studio flower files- Instant download paper flower rose templates- SVG cut files

You can see how I make each design in this 2 part video here! 

Ansley Rose

Last, but not least is Ansley Rose. Sounds like a girls name, right? I think if my husband and I end up with a girl when we have our 3rd child this name will be in the running for sure!

Ansley is the latest hottest rose from my Paper to Petal Artistry designs. In fact I just posted the video tutorial today! 

There is so much potential with any paper flower, but the timeless classic vibe of the rose captured through paper will always be my favorite above all! 

What are some of your favorite flowers from nature? If there one you would love to see me design? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

paper flowers. paper rose templates

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