Thursday, March 31, 2016

DIY Paper Flowers- Under the Sea Ocean theme

Now that I have so many styles of paper flowers up in my shop I thought it was time to build up my sets. I was inspired to create an under the sea look. 

I'm pondering this as a theme for my baby girl's 2nd birthday..

Priscilla Style

I enjoyed putting this set together and if you want to make one for yourself or have another vision to create click over to this link for the paper flower templates

Arielle Style Paper flower. 

Mermaid silhouette

Large Chrysanthemums to look like coral. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Toddler Behavior Chart & Rewards

I wanted to share a post about a nifty little technique I use to help teach my two toddlers how to behave and receive rewards when they are doing a good job. Having kids is tough and sometimes we have to use a little strategy as Moms. 

I tinkered around my design software till I came up with a simple system to help the kids track and learn good behavior. 
The charts you see here have the child's name (helps them identify with themselves and who they are responsible for) and I liked adding Prince & Princess in front of their name just to make them feel special. (not that my 2 year old and 18 month old know what they are yet) 
The charts have 7 rows for 7 days in a week and 6 circles across. 

How does it work? 

Print these charts out and fill in your child's name. (link coming soon) 

 Go to target or your favorite place to buy stickers and get lots! (I personally like to buy sticker that have animals or characters to encourage their interest all the more) While you are there load up on lots of cute toys and prize like items (lots of good things in the $1 section) You will use these to put in a treasure box. You can buy a cute box  or even better go to the craft store and buy things to help your child decorate a plain box; helps get them excited to try out the new method. 

You will want to set a number of stickers that need to be earned depending on your child's age or learning abilities. 
Introduce the chart to your child, maybe have them help put it up on the fridge. 
The very next time you catch your child being good and obeying on their own tell them they are being good and bring them over to the chart and tell them they can pick out a sticker to stick on. 

I find for some kids the thrill of just earning stickers is enough so if your on a budget just try that for starters. 
For my Wyatt and Ella I require 3 stickers to earn 1 prize from their treasure box. So they have 6 circles for 1 day and can earn 2 prizes a day then if they get all 6 stickers. Again you can set your own standards too. 

When they have earned their required sticker amount let them pick any ONE item from the treasure box. Make sure you explain and tell them specifically why you are happy with them. We want them to learn the reason for the reward. 

My last note on this is to make sure that even if your child is good one minute and then does something bad 5 minutes after you just gave them a sticker, DON'T take it away. If they earned it, then they earned it. I know it's hard sometimes, but you want to separate reward and discipline not mix them or confuse the child. 

My treasure box is over flowing right now because I stuffed all their extra Easter items in it to be earned later. 

Wyatt gets excited for his sticker. 

So does Ella but she kinda misses the mark, but hey she is doing pretty good for 18 months. 

Comment below if you have any other successful ways to help your child learn positive behavior! 

Prayer Tree - War Room Prayer Wall

After 6 years of marriage my husband, Michael and I had been through many unique and very unexpected trials. Multiple job layoffs, move in and out of state with a 5 week old infant, overwhelming anxiety and depression, unexpected pregnancy during that time, and on the list goes.. 

I remember think to myself at one point 'why do I always get so scared when bad news comes?' After all God had seen us through countless valleys.
The answer was rather simple, my first reaction was to be afraid instead of trusting God because I so easily forgot all the blessings and help God has given us time and time again. 

I needed a reminder smack in front of my face everyday, good day or bad day. 
We had recently watch the movie War Room and I loved the idea of a wall dedicated to prayers, answered prayers and favorite bible verses. 

I had to create a special crafty spin on it though. So the idea of one of those vinyl wall stickers came to mind. I found this wall tree decal for $15 on ebay! It came with the frames too! 

I used my cutting machine to write our favorite bible verses on some shimmery velum. Then I choose two different leave styles, one to represent the prayers and blessings that had come our way even through difficulty, and one to show our current prayer requests and remind us to pray on all occasions. 

Hubby and I put it together over a few days. I used heavy duty doublesided tape for the leaves. 

I really loved how it turned out and the tree is large enough to continue to add leaves of blessings and prayers. More importantly everyday, even when I'm ready to jump ship because my kids are driving me crazy, I can look up and know that God will get me through anything. (even the terrible twos  Lol)  

What are some ideas or favorite verses you would add to your prayer wall? 

Inspirational Wall art

Inspirational wall art is perfect for hanging your playroom or child's room to teach them and remind us to live in a positive way! Etsy is chalk full of lots of different lovely art. Go check out mine or other artists work by clicking any picture below. Enjoy!

Great for a nursery, child's room, playroom, party decor, or printing on anything you like to make a great gift. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

DIY Paper flowers- Sarah Style- Large Version

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arielle Style Paper flower- Medium version

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mermaid party banner


                                                        Mermaid Invitations
Sunday, March 20, 2016

Detailed beginners video to Giant Paper Flowers

Download Flower Templates

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Charlotte Style DIY Paper Flower


                                      Buy Charlotte Templates
Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Enchanting Cinderella Party- Ella turns ONE!

When my baby girl Christabella turned one I knew the theme had to be princess. Since the new Cinderella had come out that year I decided this was the ideal theme. Below are pictures of the backdrop I created with paper flowers and gold etched butterflies. 

I had a lot of fun designing the little details. I'm definitely THAT Mom that goes over board for a small family celebration!

I think she enjoyed it. Her smile says it all. 

Of course if you want to design these for your own party grab them in my shop anytime! 

After the party was over I thought that photo props would have been cute. Maybe when she is older I can do this theme again and use them! 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Paper flower Dahlias

Channel the dahlia's intense color and festive attitude with an easy tutorial. Use these to decorate favor boxes, centerpiece arrangements, bouquets and more! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Easter Lily

Easter is coming up fast! I designed this special paper flower to represent the Easter lily. Build these pretties to display on you Easter table decor! 

I have a full length tutorial up on building this one as well. I hope you enjoy!
Sunday, March 13, 2016

Introductions & DIY Paper Flower Tutorial- Scarlet Rose Style

I am just getting started in the blogging world although I am no stranger to doing business online! I'm excited to be starting this blog- Mama's Gone Crafty! 
I am a Mommy to two littles, Christabella Grace and Wyatt Michael, barely 15 months apart. 

 When I'm not chasing these babies I am designing my brand Paper to Petal Artistry and sharing with others how to creating beautiful paper flowers like the Scarlet Rose design shared here. 

I started selling paper floral 5 years ago and now being a busy Mom I don't have time to cater events so I have designed SVGs & PDFs with instructions and videos to share my paper creations with others. 
All these files that I will  share with you here are available for insant download in my shop as well as many other fun digital items. 

Click over to my Youtube to learn how and build this Scarlet Rose design. Purchase templates for only $4!

These designs have taken much time to create so please personal use only and please do not share or redistribute my products without permission,
Designs Copywrited Paper to Petal Artistry