Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Easy Paper Flower Backdrop Assembly

When it comes to backdrop paper flowers, making the flowers is only half the battle the other is designing there layout. 

My husband Michael and I were celebrating of 5th wedding anniversary with a couple photo shoot and I wanted to add a paper flower backdrop into the pictures. 

photography by Kellie Jo Images

I decided to photograph the process to share how to DIY one for yourself! 
In this post I will show you a simple way to easily make a 3 ft high by 4 ft wide backdrop. 

Supplies you will need:

  • Cardboard project board (found at craft store or office supply stores. I'm using a 3x4 ft one but I believe there are some bigger options if you want to go for a larger look) 
  • Spray paint in preferred color or you can leave the board white if you like it that way or are planning to completely cover in flowers. 
  • Fabric strips (optional) in a variety of textures. I used some lace ribbon, tulle, pearl strands, and cut up fabric pieces for my backdrop. 
  • Paper flowers as many or as little as you want I started out with 3 large, 3 medium and 4 small. (you can download templates & tutorials to make paper flowers here
  • Silk flowers like hydrangeas (this is optional, but I decided to use some silk flowers as filters for spaces between my paper flowers
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Start by spraying your project board with your spray paint. I'm using a light pink for mine. 

Let it dry for an hour or so. 

Step 2: While your project board is drying work on cutting your strips of fabric if you are using some. 

I used a variety of textures for mine to add lots of detail. 

 Step 3: Start gluing on your fabric strips. Make sure you cut them long enough to have the top glued to the back side and hanging all the way down the front.

Keep adding until you are happy with it. 

Step 4: Now gather your paper & silk flowers. 

giant paper flower templats- charlotte style paper flowers- diy paper flowers

Here's a few that I used. 

diy backdrop and props paper flowers

Step 5: Begin with the largest flowers first and lay them out till you are happy with the placement. Then glue them down.

Step 6: Begin filling in some of the spaces with your silk flowers and smaller paper flowers.

Step 7: Either using paper or silk greenery add in the desired amount of leaves. 

paper flower wall backdrop

And that's it! Perfect easy decor item for any simple event!

UPDATED: After Hubby and I used this for our 5th wedding anniversary photos I had a friend who needed some decor for her event and went back and added some more flowers using the anemone templates. 

If you enjoyed this please share! 

easy paper flower backdrop


  1. How do you keep the cardboard standing?

    1. I use a cardboard project board that is tri-fold so it stand on its own. And some of the pictures I have it fully opened with a chair behind to keep it upright. :)