Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Easy Paper Hydrangeas

DIY Paper Flower Hydrangeas

Creating paper hydrangeas was one of my biggest challenges to figure out because I needed them to look authentic, but also keep the design simple enough that it didn't take forever to make one stem. 

I first came up with this multi stem method here in the below video, which is still a good option! But then I had a creative epiphany one day that simplified it even more!

First let go over the supplies:

65lb car stock
pigment ink and stamper 
18 gauge wire
3-5 inch circle punch
glue gun and sticks

Cut out all your hydrangea petals. I recommend a cutting machine for this project because of the detailed nature but the templates do come with an outline PDF if you feel like hand cutting. 

Using your rolling tool and mat, roll the center so the petals stand up. 

Layer 2 petals together as shown. 

Next, punch out a circle. I'm using a 3 inch circle here. 

Cut a slit half way through the circle with your scissors. 

Overlap and glue. The circle will now look 3D and appear as a dome shape. 

Starting in the middle glue all your hydrangea pieces on until the whole dome circle is tightly covered. 

It should look like this when finished. If you want to make bigger bunches then just punch out a bigger circle and cover it with hydrangea pieces. 

Grab your 18 gauge wire and bend a a 90 degree angle 2 inches from the top. Curl into a circle. 

Add glue to the wire circle and press firmly underneath your hydrangea bunch for a few seconds. 

Make a few or a lot and enjoy you hydrangea paper flowers! 

Pin and save for later!

Have you hear my exciting news?! 
I'm writing an ebook on building paper flowers! Actually I'm writing 3 ebooks that will be a full 3 part series on giant flowers, bouquet flowers and paper flower projects! 
First book is set to be released Spring 2017!

If you love my crafts and don't want to miss the ebook then sign up below!

See last weeks post on DIY paper flower arrangement.


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Friday, December 16, 2016

Festive Christmas Monogram Svgs

Circle monogram svg cut files

I don't know about you but December is FLYING by! I woke up yesterday thinking it was the 10th and here it was the 15th! 

I've been juggling so many projects lately I know my blog posts and emails have been scarce. I hope to get back on a regular track come January. 

I've jumped majorly onto the deer and monogram band wagon lately. They are so cute to draw!

So today I have a Christmas freebie gift to you all. 

This full set shown below is totally free to you for the rest of December! 
(Click the link below)

Here are just a few ideas of how to use these files...
  •       Heat transfer vinyl desgins
  •         Scrapbooking
  •         Photo albums
  •         Card making
  •         T-shirt designs
  •         Coffee mug designs
  •         Website design
  •         Blogging
  •         Prints
  •         And more!

Copyrights & Uses  

- Product creation MUST be your own design. You cannot resell the files as your own or share without my permission. PLEASE respect my work.
- Small business use, please kindly reference my shop with a single line of proper credit. (Up to 500 units sold)
- If you wish to use our products without giving credit or sell mass productions (more then 500 units sold), please invest in a purchase of a no credit license. This will only need to be purchased ONCE along with the desired cut files/clip art and can use it as many times as you wish.


Download your FREEBIES HERE!


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Free circle monogram SVG cut files. Christmas Svgs. Deer silhouette. Deer Antlers

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Wedding Centerpiece- DIY Paper Flower Arrangment

DIY Paper Flower Arrangement. Budget Wedding Ideas.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece idea on a budget. Paper Flower Centerpiece. Easy paper flowers with templates.

If your a bride on a budget then DIY centerpieces will no doubt be your best friend! These easy paper flower centerpieces require no special arranging skills and can be used for weddings, showers, parties, or even home decor. 

Supplies you will need:
4 7/8 inches x 4 7/8 inches foam block
Ribbon or fabric
Glue gun
Stemmed paper flowers or silk flowers
Rhinestones and/or rhinestone ribbon

I chose to use my Dahlia, Ansley rose, ranunculus, and hydrangeas templates. Videos are included with each download to teach you how to build each flower.

And check out how easy it is to stem a paper flower here!

Alright moving on. Once you have at least 12-14 flowers made you can move on to getting the base ready. 

I used some cream satin ribbon I had on hand to cover the block, but I would also recommend buying a yard of fabric and basically "wrapping" the foam block like you would a gift. Probably would look a little nicer. 

I added on thinner ribbon in a zig zag pattern and then wrapped my rhinestone ribbon around the center. 
Find great prices on rhinestone ribbon here!

Starting with your largest flowers in the middle, slowly add the flowers by pressing the stems down into the foam block as far as you want. 
Using 18 gauge wire is best so it does bend easily on you when pushing into the foam. And try to avoid moving them around to many times. 

Get a feel for how your flowers are coming together and spread them as evenly as possible. 

Once you get all  your flowers placed in where you like you will probably notice small gaps between flowers. This is where greenery becomes your best friend. Use as little or as much as you need to fill out the arrangement to look round and full. 

My centerpiece ended up being about 10 inches high and 11 inches wide. Great for any event. And I added a little place card which can be made with a couple flowers and folding a 4x6 inch piece of card stock in half. 


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Jazz up your Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments with paper flowers

DIY Christmas ornaments. Paper flowers

After you have added your favorite twinkle lights to your Christmas tree its time to dress it up with ornaments! 

There are so many unique and amazing ornaments out there. Christmas ornaments are one of those items that can be a fun DIY holiday project for kids and adults, as well as a special custom gift. 

So here is a quick and easy no-brainer idea for adding a little extra special fancy to any ornament! 
And I also included my top favorite other DIY ornament ideas with links below! 

DIY Paper Flower Ornaments

I used my Ruby style templates you can find them here!

Use a hot melt glue gun, string and 65lb card stock for building your flowers.

Strands of craft pearls or rhinestones are great for extra sparkle!

Now here are my top 5 favorite winter ornament crafts!

1. Disney inspired ornaments. 

Disney Princess-Inspired Christmas Ornaments. Includes Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Elsa and Rapunzel!

I love this idea so much that I'm pondering a Disney themed Christmas next year for the Gillespie house! Especially if I can make a lot of the ornaments! Saves big $$.

2. Picture ornaments

the pinner says: Super cute! I love giving ornament pictures of the kids each year to family and this is a perfect idea for preserving them.:

Picture ornaments are tried and true, everyone loves them! I really like the thought of the crinkle paper or maybe tinsel to fill the space in the ornament. 

3. Christmas Snow Scene

how to make your own mason jar lid snowy scene - this is great for holiday decor or ornaments - - everything miniature is just so extra cute!! - - - Sugar Bee Crafts:
This idea is perfect for the kiddos. And I'll bet you have some mason jar lids already laying around, I know I do!

4. Tattoo Ornaments

DIY: Christmas ornaments using temporary tattoos:

If you are searching for a way to make your tree look expensive without spending all your holiday gift money then you won't find a better idea then tattoo Christmas ornaments. This idea definitely holds the power of customization!

5. Pineapple Pinecone Ornaments 

Make your Christmas tree really stand out with DIY pineapple ornaments made from pinecones.:

If you're from the south like me where its still 80 something for most of November and December then maybe you would like to embrace a tropical flare for the holidays. 
I love the possibilities of these pineapple ornaments especially with the pink Christmas tree!

Christmas ornaments with paper flowers


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Friday, November 18, 2016

DIY Paper Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Paper Decor 

See our top holiday styled roses and poinsettias below with full video to tutorials and templates!
Check out our other 2016 Christmas posts from this photo shoot!
A list of Golden Christmas ideas.

Find all our video tutorials on our 

1. Large Poinsettia Tutorial (Download Templates)

2. Gold Sybelle Style Rose (Download Templates) 

3. Eden Style Rose (Download Templates) 

4. Emery Style Flower (Download Templates) 

5. Small Poinsettia Flowers (Download Templates) 

6. Majesty Rose (Download Templates) 

7. Bella Rose Paper Flower (Download Templates) 


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Enchanting Christmas Gift Packaging Ideas

Christmas gift wrapping ideas. Use ornaments to spruce up your Christmas gifts. #DIY

I love all the amazing ways that a gift can be wrapped up. It's almost like receiving a second present in just the wrapping! I found these lovely inspirational phrases at Michael Craft store and decided to use them to dress up my "fake" Christmas gifts for this years photo shoot. 

I loved how they turned out so I looked to Pinterest for more ideas. (they are never short for ideas over there!) 
I decided to collect a dozen fun and gorgeous gift wrapping ideas to inspire you for this holiday season.
Starting with number one my own created photos this year. (I added a bit more then one lol) 

Post contains affiliated links please click image for original source. 

1. Ornaments in place of or in addition to Christmas bows.

2. Pringles can cookie gift cylinder

Use a Pringles Can to Make a Christmas Cookie Can:

3. Add a touch of sweetness with some candy

Haz que el envoltorio también sea un regalo, una experiencia única. Deja volar tu imaginación con este sinfín de ideas para que tus regalos sean originales y únicos, puedes utilizar materiales simples que probablemente están en tu casa e incluso reciclar objetos como botones, lana, hojas etc. ¿Cuál es tu envoltorio preferido? ¡Déjanos un comentario…:

4. Doodle away on these chalkboard wrapped gift boxes. Great one for kids!

Empaca tus regalos en papel negro y escribe mensajes con un lápiz blanco para que luzcan como un tablero. #ManualidadesParaFiestas:

5. Wrapping paper gift bags

Learn how to make a DIY gift bag from wrapping paper. It's the perfect way to wrap awkwardly shaped gifts!:

6. Name Bunting

7. Ribbon bow and unique placement

Fresh florals for spring that won't fade with our gift packaging!:

8. Spruce them up with feathers

Christmas gift wrapping ideas DIY crafts ToniK ⓦⓡⓐⓟ ⓘⓣ ⓤⓟ:

9. Wrapped with garland

Tie up gifts with colorful string with rainbow garland.:

10. Ruffle or lace wrapped boxes

ruffled crepe paper streamer tutorial at Lorajean's Magazine:

11. Monogram love

boxwood clippings | monogramed gift wrap

12. Stamp it up

Christmas Calligraphy Gift Tag Stamp – the chatty press

If you enjoyed this post please share! Tell me in the comments your ideas for gift wrapping this holiday season. 

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12 gift wrapping ideas for Christmas presents. #DIY