Friday, October 21, 2016

DIY Princess Photo Props- Freebie Friday #9

Don't worry this week I didn't forget you all for Freebie Friday!
Earlier this week I had a request to turn my princess prop designs into cuttable files for those who have access to a cutting machine. 

Many of you probably saw my DIY post on Tuesday 'Wardrobe fit for a Princess'

After receiving the request through my shop to turn my classic princesses into cut files I thought I'd test one out and add it to my baby girl's dress up wardrobe.

Since even at 2 years old Elsa is her clear favorite (she knows all the words to 'Let it Go!') I thought I'd start there. And I know so many other girls love Elsa more then anything so that's the freebie you all will be receiving today!

I'm just going to give you a quick walk through with some tips when making these props. 

First of course you will need to cut them out on your cutting machine or print the PDF if you don't have one (this is included in the freebie as well. Download is below.)

If you want these props to be part of a dress up trunk I highly advise laminating them. Even if you are just using for a party it might be a good idea. 
If your prop assembled is larger then 8.5x11 then you will need to put two laminate sheets on each end and run it through that way. 

Bamboo stick are great for the handles and can be easily glued on and reinforced with a strip of paper glued over the top, like I did here. 

This week you will get the Snow Queen and Princess as your freebies!
If you love all the other princesses too you can of course pick them up in the shop as instant download! Only $8!

As if you appreciate this freebie please take a second to pin or share this post. Thank you!


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wardrobe fit for a Princess

Re-purposed DIY Princess Wardrobe

Happy Crafty Tuesday everyone! 
Some of you may have noticed you did not receive your freebie Friday email last week. I was slammed with some big projects, many of which I will be sharing with you over the next couple weeks! So I will make it up to you, I promise! 

This weeks DIY I am going to show you how I turned an old TV console I found at a thrift store into a perfect Princess dress up wardrobe!

Even very small dress up wardrobes are crazy expensive. For one half this size the cheapest I could find was $95 and it came with nothing else just the unit!

You could also create one of these for a boy and turn it into a super hero wardrobe. 
When your finished the only thing missing will be Narnia! 

 First let's go over what supplies I used...


1. Old TV console. Check your local thrift stores or redecorate and use what you may already have on hand!
2. Paint if necessary. The one we re-purposed was a cherry wood color and I wanted it to look fresh and girly so I changed it to white and pink. 
3. Decorative decals/vinyl.
4. Modge podge or clear resin. 
5. Wheels for easy movement. Our was solid wood if you have a lighter one you may not need these. 
6. Thick would dowel for hanging clothes
7. Clothes, accessories, crowns, shoes etc..!
8. Hangers

Start with adding your wheels on first to 
make things easier while painting and such

My husband and 3 year old son were big helps and painted the 
console because Mommy was super busy that week. They did a great job! :) 

I wanted to add some color to the piece so we 
painted the draws with pink. 

This is of course optional but I used my Cricut machine to print
and cut of some fun flowers to add decor to the draws. (These flowers can be found on Cricut design space if you have that.) 

Modge podge or clear resin works well to seal the cut out pieces onto the drawers. You  could use pre-made vinyl decals or cut out file on your cutting machine too. 

If you are not using stick on vinyl then use the modge podge to glue the pieces on and seal with modge podge on top. We also went over ours again with clear resin to make sure it will last a long time. 

We gifted this to our baby girl Ella on her second birthday last month and then asked family to by outfits and accessories to fill it up. (P.S. if possible look for dress up clothes for boys or girls after Halloween costumes go on clearance!) 

Ella was definitely blessed with lots of goodies!

Shop around at local kids consignment stores, we found a lot of things to add like this mirror for only a couple bucks!

This was certainly a great addition to our playroom Ella has loved playing dress up daily!

What would you add to your child's wardrobe? Do you have any go to places for great deals? Tell me below in the comments!


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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Butterfly Garden Birthday Party

Butterfly Garden Themed Party

Today's post is nothing fancy, just a crafty mom wanting to 
share her little girls party highlights. And I'll be going over
 where I found and how created these decorations. 

It's been 3 weeks since my baby girl turned 2 and I'm
 finally getting around to sharing these party photos with you all. 

Most of you have already seen the backdrop
 I made for her birthday pictures, which was the heart of the main decor. 

I also made some fun supporting pieces, like this monogram glitter frame,  and cut them out on my Cricut. 

And of course I don't know how to stop there so I continued with 
Folding favor boxes with "butterfly" 
 kisses for treats. Holds 15 kisses easily! 

Butterfly cupcake wrappers. FREE to you here! Easily cut out on any supporting cutting machine. 

The patterns I chose for the table cloth 
and paper plates you can find them here on Amazon

And if you love the watercolor butterfly 
printables I designed you can find them here. 

I think everyone enjoyed the party 
and my Ella bean sure did enjoy some cupcakes!

You can find the full flower template set here 
if you want to make your own special backdrop!
I would love to hear you thought and ideas for your own parties!
Full tutorials on the Youtube channel too!

They melt my heart!

Posing with my birthday girl!

And my handsome guys!

You can view additional details 
and photos on our Catch My Party profile

Next week I will be showing you how to DIY a princess wardrobe from a re-purposed entertainment center!

3 weeks later and this girl is still 
loving her princess dresses! 


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